kitchen u layout

Kitchen Floor Plan

Importance of A Functional and Efficient Kitchen Floor Plan Creating a kitchen floor plan that is efficient, functional, and attractive will enhance any home. It is often the area of the home that sees the most use on a daily basis; for cooking and for entertaining. The layout of the room will have a significant …

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kitchen flooring

Kitchen Floor

Before You Start Your Kitchen Flooring Project Designing and installing a kitchen floor is a big task. This usable space in residential and (or) commercial properties may be subjected to a lot of “traffic” movement every day or likely to be of great interest with your guest to your home. There are many different ways …

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Bamboo Floor Care and Maintenance

Bamboo floors offer great benefits to your home, bamboo is extremely strong and hardwearing and extremely durable. Bamboo is a beautiful plant in its own right but using bamboo as a substitute to traditional flooring is great. Because it is a sensible, environmentally friendly alternative to modern flooring. However, the bamboo floor still needs proper …

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strand woven bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Looking to change your home’s flooring? Consider getting strand woven bamboo flooring. The strand woven bamboo flooring would undeniably look beautiful in anyone’s home. And when it undergoes further processing methods, the flooring can preserve its natural and original look or will be carbonized to produce another kind of finish. Moreover, the bamboo flooring may …

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bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring

The popularity of bamboo flooring in North America is increasing over time. Bamboo floor is a great alternative to our conventional hardwood flooring. Let’s talk about it deeper here in this article. Why Bamboo Floors Are Becoming a Preferred Choice Bamboo floors have recently become increasingly famous as a flooring option. And even though bamboo …

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basement tile flooring

Tile Basement Flooring

The Basics of Tile Basement Flooring Tile for basement flooring is an exceptional choice. Big. Small. Rectangular. Square. Way too many colors, shapes and designs to even think of them all. One things for sure, tile floors in basements is never out of style. What we plan on covering this time around here at Basement …

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Laminate Basement Flooring

Laminate Basement Flooring

Laminate Floor for Basement Some people just love the look of a wood floor. Some people even want to put wood as basement flooring. Although very risky (not impossible, but risky), there are much safer and more durable alternatives than a wood basement floor. Why not consider laminate for your basement flooring instead of the …

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basement floor color ideas

Basement Flooring Design

Color Design for Basement Flooring When you start thinking about design for your basement flooring, the same will always hold true as if you were designing any other flooring. There are three basics that you will need to adhere to form, pattern, and color. Form deals with nothing more than the physical shape of the …

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