hardwood floor cost

Hardwood Floor Cost

Cost of Hardwood Flooring We all like the way they look but are hardwood floors in your budget? There are plenty of things to consider when you are trying to figure out how much your hardwood floor cost is going to be. Take a look at each and every one of them. If you find …

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hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is made from solid hardwoods like oak, red oak, maple, cherry, pecan, hickory, ash, and walnut. Usually, it consists of long pieces of wood, which have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other side. This tongue and groove keeps the wood joined together. The normal thickness of hardwood used …

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garage floor covering

Garage Floor Covering

Garage Floor Covering Made Easy Have you ever gone online and checked out some of the cool garages people have enhanced with their own hands? You might be surprised how wonderful an average garage can look after the cement floor has been protected against cracks, chips and chemical stains that will never come out. In …

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garage floor tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

Have you ever thought of your garage as one of the nicest rooms in your entire house? Why not? Is it because of the cracks and chips in the cement? Is it because of those old and nasty oil stains that will not come up, no matter how hard you scrub? So, what are you …

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epoxy garage floor

Garage Floor Epoxy

Create your Own Epoxy Garage Floor Most garage floors are made of concrete. It looks nice in the beginning. But, it does not take long for the floor to start looking oily. Then, the inevitable cracks and chips start to show. Not only does it look shabby, but it can ultimately be a safety hazard. …

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basement carpet flooring

Basement Carpet

Basement Carpet The Right Way Installing basement carpet, or any other type of sub-grade installation for that matter, you need to make sure that your basement is dry. Due to being underground, basement rooms are usually a moisture magnet. There are some precautions that you need to take in waterproofing the room. Unless it’s completely …

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bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring Brands

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring Getting durable flooring for your home is very vital. Quality is needed if you want your flooring to last long. There are several types of flooring for your home. But one of the most famous choices for home flooring is bamboo flooring. Why is this? The primary reason why people are …

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Slate Tile Floor

Slate Tile Flooring In case you don’t know, slate tile is tile which is made from slate. This stone occurs all over the place and in mass quantities. That is why it is not super expensive, thank God. It is ready to be used for all sorts of purposes. You can use it as flooring, …

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unfinished hardwood flooring

Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Unfinished hardwood floors stand the test of time. It has been used and explored by families all across the world. It may sound and look traditional but it definitely spells one thing—CLASSIC. Unfinished hardwood floors make a home have a feeling of warmth, homey and gives your home a natural beauty that …

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ceramic tile floor

Ceramic Tile Floor

How To Install Ceramic Floor Tile In homes, you have to admit that ceramic tiles do indeed bring out the appearance of the room. It offers richness and also colors to a room that linoleum can never mimic or still have to find ways to mimic. Ceramic tiles can be installed just about anywhere around …

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classic travertine tile

Travertine Tile

What is Travertine? You want a travertine bathroom with a gorgeous cream-colored travertine floor tile you saw in a showroom or someone has mentioned a travertine countertop for your new kitchen. But you have no idea what travertine is, except that it’s hard, comes in squares and has a lovely smooth surface. Okay. Simply put, …

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laminate floor installation diy

DIY Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Overview Although the term “engineered hardwood flooring” is nothing new, it remains a somewhat misunderstood concept. However, once people understand what this type of flooring is and all the benefits offered over traditional hardwood flooring, they quickly realize just how incredible this innovative product is. To clear up any misgivings or confusion, we …

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tile floor cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning

Tips for Regularly Maintaining and Cleaning Tile Floors Many homeowners have difficulty finding the best methods for cleaning tile floors. Though it has a reputation for being difficult, many find that with regular maintenance, it is easy to make their clean tile floors shine like new. In comparison to many other flooring surfaces, such as …

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tile floor installation

Tile Floor Installation

Install a Tile Floor- Step by Step Installing a tile floor is another one of those things that gets easier with experience. That being said, having some background knowledge about the science of it, along with the technique can make it much easier. A project the size of a bathroom should take the average do …

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laminate floor manufacturer

Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

As you delve deeper into understanding laminate hardwood flooring, the one thing you would hear repeatedly from consumers and flooring experts is the importance of purchasing this type of product from a reputable manufacturer. Multiple reasons for this exist to include materials being higher quality, the preferred high-pressure production process used, workmanship being better, and …

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kitchen floor tile

Kitchen Floor Tile

Finding the Best Tile for Kitchen Floor Your kitchen deserves to have an attractive, appealing appearance, to include installing the best tile for the kitchen floor. Kitchens are very important areas in a home and require time and attention to ensure they are on par with the rest of the home decor. Most kitchens receive …

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kitchen u layout

Kitchen Floor Plan

Importance of A Functional and Efficient Kitchen Floor Plan Creating a kitchen floor plan that is efficient, functional, and attractive will enhance any home. It is often the area of the home that sees the most use on a daily basis; for cooking and for entertaining. The layout of the room will have a significant …

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kitchen flooring

Kitchen Floor

Before You Start Your Kitchen Flooring Project Designing and installing a kitchen floor is a big task. This usable space in residential and (or) commercial properties may be subjected to a lot of “traffic” movement every day or likely to be of great interest with your guest to your home. There are many different ways …

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strand woven bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Looking to change your home’s flooring? Consider getting strand woven bamboo flooring. The strand woven bamboo flooring would undeniably look beautiful in anyone’s home. And when it undergoes further processing methods, the flooring can preserve its natural and original look or will be carbonized to produce another kind of finish. Moreover, the bamboo flooring may …

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bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring

The popularity of bamboo flooring in North America is increasing over time. Bamboo floor is a great alternative to our conventional hardwood flooring. Let’s talk about it deeper here in this article. Why Bamboo Floors Are Becoming a Preferred Choice Bamboo floors have recently become increasingly famous as a flooring option. And even though bamboo …

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basement tile flooring

Tile Basement Flooring

The Basics of Tile Basement Flooring Tile for basement flooring is an exceptional choice. Big. Small. Rectangular. Square. Way too many colors, shapes and designs to even think of them all. One things for sure, tile floors in basements is never out of style. What we plan on covering this time around here at Basement …

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basement floor color ideas

Basement Flooring Design

Color Design for Basement Flooring When you start thinking about design for your basement flooring, the same will always hold true as if you were designing any other flooring. There are three basics that you will need to adhere to form, pattern, and color. Form deals with nothing more than the physical shape of the …

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basement flooring

Basements Flooring

Basement Flooring Preparation Basements need to be dry or at least not accumulating water before you ever start any basement flooring project you need to first do some basement flooring preparation. I wouldn’t even think about it without knowing first whether I have a “leaky” problem that needs to be looked into. The trick is, …

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