Armstrong Bamboo Flooring

Even though the composition of the bamboo can often be stronger compared to hardwood alternatives, it's a lot easier on your body. And bamboo floors planks are not anymore difficult to find as they are commonly offered alongside traditional hardwood flooring at all of the hardware stores. You may spend a little more for higher quality however, you will save yourself a great deal of headaches and like a beautiful worry free floor for years to come.

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Armstrong Bamboo Flooring


Fine Line Bamboo Baja Tan: NA215 Armstrong Flooring Commercial

A great number of people choose to handpick bamboo flooring because of the stance of theirs of environmental awareness. As China and Vietnam are the major locations of bamboo harvesting, they serve as the major source of bamboo floors exporters. As a result, bamboo is thought to help much more in reducing the greenhouse gases that create the worldwide phenomenon of climate change.

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Plank Bamboo Natural: BA001 Armstrong Flooring Commercial

Regarded as to be on the list of fastest growing flooring answers available today, bamboo flooring has a great deal of tradition and status as being one of the hardest woods known to mankind. A massive amount folks choose the carbonized bamboo flooring which is comfortable and is susceptible to scratches, the same as some other hard wood floor. Eco-friendly companies use environmentally safe adhesives.

Sample of Armstrong Walnut Blonde Na230

Armstrong American Scrape Hardwood White Oak – Brown Bear Hardwood


Armstrong Luxe Vinyl Empire Bamboo Carmel Dalene Flooring


Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix 4″ Plank Strip Bamboo Caramel


Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix 4″ Plank Bamboo Carbonized


6mm Dove Springs Extra Wide Plank Engineered 72 Hour Water-Resistant Bamboo Flooring 7.5 in. Wide


Fine Line Bamboo Malibu Shadows: NA217 Armstrong Flooring Commercial

Bruce Hardwood Flooring at

Armstrong Natural Creations Mystix 4″ Plank Strip Bamboo Cinnamon

Bamboo Red Fox: 37365 Armstrong Flooring Commercial

Armstrong Vinyl Rigid Core Elements Devon Oak Burnt Umber 6″ x 48″ Traditional Luxury Flooring

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