Bamboo Versus Wood Flooring

But, just about the most important areas of system in the case of bamboo flooring is the preparation process. Bamboo flooring material is obviously golden blonde in color which generates highly distinctive patterns when built, that only bamboo flooring is actually noted for. It refers to a heating process that alters the bamboo to an amber color.

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Bamboo Versus Wood Flooring


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It is special in look, available in a variety of colors as well as grain patterns, and competitively listed. One of the greatest features of bamboo flooring is actually the point that it's a water resistant floor equipment. It is not difficult to set up, and except for especially prepared kinds, bamboo floor surfaces compares favorably with other hardwood flooring in terminology of price.

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Bamboo vs Hardwood Flooring

Although the manufacturing processes are the same all with the world, the specialty in Vietnam bamboo flooring is that newly cut bamboo strips are actually utilized for processing. Bamboo floors have an equivalent hardness to any hardwood floor. So, dents, scraping and other damages are extremely hard to be seen or actually appear on a bamboo floor.

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