Carbonised Bamboo Flooring

During the carbonization process, bamboo flooring loses several of its hardness. After picking the quality of this bamboo you have to decide on the colors. But, it is actually simply a matter of choice; you ought to research and find the best floor for you. It's important, nonetheless, that you pay particular interest to know where your bamboo floor is coming from.

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Carbonised Bamboo Flooring


Peerless Bamboo Flooring Gallery – Bamboo Australia Sunshine Coast

Bamboo flooring in addition has grown into the darling of inside designers and architects wanting to fit the eco conscious "green" stamp on their job. Over and above all this it's viewed as extremely green thanks in large part to the massive length of carbon it absorbs during its fast growth. You are able to stain the bamboo to buy some color you want.

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Solid Carbonised Vertical Bamboo Flooring 2.21m²

With "eco friendly" structure, bamboo flooring is often-used in installations critical to air quality for anyone suffering from many forms of air borne illnesses, including a wide variety of allergies. Many farming companies utilize chemicals to take the yield as well as plant monocultures, thus making the bamboo less durable and sustainable. In Vietnam, bamboo floors is known as bamboo parquet.

Brushed Carbonised Strand Woven Bamboo 92mm Skirting 1850mm

Carbonised Strand Woven Bamboo 12mm Stair Nosing


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