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hardwood floor cost

Hardwood Floor Cost

Cost of Hardwood Flooring We all like the way they look but are hardwood floors in your budget? There are plenty of things to consider when you are trying to figure out how much your hardwood floor cost is going to be. Take a look at each and every one of them. If you find …

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hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is made from solid hardwoods like oak, red oak, maple, cherry, pecan, hickory, ash, and walnut. Usually, it consists of long pieces of wood, which have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other side. This tongue and groove keeps the wood joined together. The normal thickness of hardwood used …

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garage floor covering

Garage Floor Covering

Garage Floor Covering Made Easy Have you ever gone online and checked out some of the cool garages people have enhanced with their own hands? You might be surprised how wonderful an average garage can look after the cement floor has been protected against cracks, chips and chemical stains that will never come out. In …

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garage floor tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

Have you ever thought of your garage as one of the nicest rooms in your entire house? Why not? Is it because of the cracks and chips in the cement? Is it because of those old and nasty oil stains that will not come up, no matter how hard you scrub? So, what are you …

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epoxy garage floor

Garage Floor Epoxy

Create your Own Epoxy Garage Floor Most garage floors are made of concrete. It looks nice in the beginning. But, it does not take long for the floor to start looking oily. Then, the inevitable cracks and chips start to show. Not only does it look shabby, but it can ultimately be a safety hazard. …

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basement carpet flooring

Basement Carpet

Basement Carpet The Right Way Installing basement carpet, or any other type of sub-grade installation for that matter, you need to make sure that your basement is dry. Due to being underground, basement rooms are usually a moisture magnet. There are some precautions that you need to take in waterproofing the room. Unless it’s completely …

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bamboo flooring

Bamboo Flooring Brands

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring Getting durable flooring for your home is very vital. Quality is needed if you want your flooring to last long. There are several types of flooring for your home. But one of the most famous choices for home flooring is bamboo flooring. Why is this? The primary reason why people are …

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