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Slate Tile Floor

Slate Tile Flooring In case you don’t know, slate tile is tile which is made from slate. This stone occurs all over the place and in mass quantities. That is why it is not super expensive, thank God. It is ready to be used for all sorts of purposes. You can use it as flooring, …

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unfinished hardwood flooring

Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Unfinished hardwood floors stand the test of time. It has been used and explored by families all across the world. It may sound and look traditional but it definitely spells one thing—CLASSIC. Unfinished hardwood floors make a home have a feeling of warmth, homey and gives your home a natural beauty that …

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ceramic tile floor

Ceramic Tile Floor

How To Install Ceramic Floor Tile In homes, you have to admit that ceramic tiles do indeed bring out the appearance of the room. It offers richness and also colors to a room that linoleum can never mimic or still have to find ways to mimic. Ceramic tiles can be installed just about anywhere around …

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classic travertine tile

Travertine Tile

What is Travertine? You want a travertine bathroom with a gorgeous cream-colored travertine floor tile you saw in a showroom or someone has mentioned a travertine countertop for your new kitchen. But you have no idea what travertine is, except that it’s hard, comes in squares and has a lovely smooth surface. Okay. Simply put, …

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laminate floor installation diy

DIY Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Overview Although the term “engineered hardwood flooring” is nothing new, it remains a somewhat misunderstood concept. However, once people understand what this type of flooring is and all the benefits offered over traditional hardwood flooring, they quickly realize just how incredible this innovative product is. To clear up any misgivings or confusion, we …

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tile floor cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning

Tips for Regularly Maintaining and Cleaning Tile Floors Many homeowners have difficulty finding the best methods for cleaning tile floors. Though it has a reputation for being difficult, many find that with regular maintenance, it is easy to make their clean tile floors shine like new. In comparison to many other flooring surfaces, such as …

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tile floor installation

Tile Floor Installation

Install a Tile Floor- Step by Step Installing a tile floor is another one of those things that gets easier with experience. That being said, having some background knowledge about the science of it, along with the technique can make it much easier. A project the size of a bathroom should take the average do …

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laminate floor manufacturer

Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

As you delve deeper into understanding laminate hardwood flooring, the one thing you would hear repeatedly from consumers and flooring experts is the importance of purchasing this type of product from a reputable manufacturer. Multiple reasons for this exist to include materials being higher quality, the preferred high-pressure production process used, workmanship being better, and …

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