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Although the composition of the bamboo is often stronger than hardwood alternatives, it's a lot easier on the body of yours. And bamboo floors planks are not anymore tricky to find as they are commonly sold alongside traditional hardwood flooring at all of the hardware stores. You may pay a bit more for higher quality although you will save yourself a great deal of headaches and enjoy a lovely worry free floor for many years to come.

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Cheap Bamboo Flooring Melbourne


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Despite its general great power , on certain floors the load strain from high-heeled shoes on a small surface area is able to produce dents in the bamboo, so high heels should be avoided. Bamboo flooring is going to scratch because the bonding material involving the bamboo fibres is less strong compared to lignens in old wood.

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Always used in grand foyers, the exquisite firmness as well as texture of bamboo flooring is actually alarming and provocative, setting the tone and elegance of the remainder of the home. Bamboo, for a flooring material, has caught the imagination of many people as when laid, comes out unique and has a gorgeous, lengthy grain signature. While bamboo isn't wood, bamboo flooring is actually comparable to hardwood floors in sturdiness as well as durability.

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